Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome Back to Me!

Wow! I have seriously disappeared off the blogging world. Honestly I had a lot going on. I am not even sure where to start. Let start with what I know you want to hear about, Pickle. We have been working on getting our Pickle into pre-k. Although this should be an easy process, in our case not so much. As you know he has been working with ECI on his speech delay. He is getting better, but he will lose his services when he turns three. In order to transfer him into the special needs pre-k, he was required to pass a vision and hearing screening, and have a autism screening. He will also have to be evaluated by the school as well. As our luck would have it, he failed the vision & hearing. He did pass the autism screen, and has yet to have the school evaluation. He will have that on the 20th. The vision issues are easily corrected. Unfortunately he would not sit still to have the prescription settled. Also he is non-verbal, so most traditional methods were not working. The doctor told us to come back in a year and we can go from there. So we will wait a year. T he hearing issue, is one that we could not put off. Since little man is non-verbal, this could be key. He has been tested in the past and always past. We are unsure why he did not pass this time too. Because of this, the doctors want to do a sedated ABR test. We have this set for the 5th. We are hoping he failed the test due to being an stubborn toddler. That is what this test will tell us. The good news is, if he does have a hearing issue, it may explain a lot, and we will be able to know how to help him out. All of this has required a lot of appointments for little man. He also had to get a well check before they will do these tests so he had that one top of it too. So life has been busy, and that is just the start of the process.