Monday, March 4, 2013


Since M and I are unable to afford preschool for our little man we decided that it would be in our best option to start homeschooling him.

Is anyone homeschooling their Little ones? I could use some guidance. We have looked through many online sites for information and guidance. I just can't seem to come up with how to write a lesson plan. I found a few good templates and they are helpful so far. Wish me luck I think I will need it.

Pickle will also be evaluated by Early Children's services for their preschool. It is a special school that we have in our area where Pickle would go three times a week for a half of day. They work with kids who have special needs in areas such as speech. We are hoping that he will qualify for this program since he still struggles with his speech. Our therapists are great. They come once a week and have done wonders for him, but he is starting to leave them for a loss as much as he does us. For instance he knows the word for milk and the sign for milk, but when he wants milk he will NOT use it for any reason. It is very hard on the poor boy.

Hopefully it all works out in the end. Wish us luck!

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