Friday, September 7, 2012

It is going to be a odd one.

Well this is going to be a odd post, Mainly because I am full of a ton of cold meds right now. What a better way to blog then full of drugs. We had a great weekend followed by a week of sick.

Friday night we went and took a nice long walk at the Mall. It was a nice trip. We got little man some pants and a a shirt that will look really nice, and are quite big so he should grow into them some what.

Saturday we went and had his 2 year pictures done and a family shot done (See Below) and then a nice lunch at Famous Dave's. I love their corn bread. It is one of my favorite things. After a nice lunch we went to see my Dad for his birthday, while Pickle played with his cousins.

Sunday was a busy day. We first went to chuck e Cheese, for the little man's first experience with a germ factory (and I think that is where we got our cold from). He had a blast. he did not quite get the games but he understood the running around part. I don't think M and I can take another trip! You need to be prepared to run a 10K in order to keep up with him. We followed by swimming and dinner at Grabbie's house (M's Mom). I think  he had the best weekend.I know we enjoyed ourselves. Too bad it was followed by some colds.

here are our pictures from the photos we had done on Sat. Hope you enjoy!
Family picture, I love his face in this one.

Family picture

Before he took off on us, he was on his way!

Sweet Boy

2 years old

The picture that went out to everyone.

Mommy and me.

Enjoy our weekend. We love comments!

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