Sunday, May 19, 2013

I have no title

Well it is true. I have no title for this blog post. I am not entirely sure where this post is going to go either. Great you say, sure, then I shall carry on.

Oh I know. I am going to blog about blogging. I am technically a blogger, i will fully admit I am a terrible blogger. I and not too funny, I am not a speller, and I sure in hell don't have anything important to say. So maybe I am not a blogger. Maybe I am just someone who writes things down so she doesnt' forget. Kinda of like a grocery store list.

Where was I going with this again? oh Blogging... I love blogs, I love the stories I read. I don't feel alone when I read your stories. I read the stories of how you kid hit you with vomit on the car ride home, or how your son's baseball bat discovered it liked your cheek, and I realize I am not alone! That happened to me too! At that moment I don't feel like a bad parent anymore.

So Thank you bloggers, for making me realize that CPS might not be at my door step in the near future.

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