Thursday, June 6, 2013


You know I need a car.. Well M Needs a car.

Now this is not a new idea. It is a idea that has floated around for sometime. It is not easy being a one car household. It has only floated because we just can't afford it. Now as our little is started to grown and wanting to expand out of our home, it is becoming increasing apparent that M needs a way around.

My most worrisome part is that our Pickle is auditioning for the special needs preschool this month. If he gets in, they we will really NEED that car. Yes he can get the bus back and forth from the school, however what happens if he gets sick. Someone is going to have to get him. I work a hour from our home.

What's a girl to do? I know a lot of people are thinking to get a car loan, or buy something cheap. Well you need money to pay the loan or buy something cheap. Remember you are talking to the girl who struggles to get the peanut butter.

Someone buy me a car… Yes I asked… Yes my pride is shot…. But I had to try……… Insert super embarrassed face here.

Because you made it this long… I give you pictures!!! Whoo Hooo. Yes I know he is super super cute. I am also biased as I am the mother of said child. But I will take you sweet comments on this cuteness anyway.

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