Monday, April 29, 2013

Here I sit....

I feel like Sh*t. Plain and simple. I am not sleeping, My stomach is in knots. I want to cry every day now. The worst part is, I can't go to the doctor to find out what is wrong.

My primary requires a $25.00 co-pay. You would think no big deal. However, I owe then $25.00 from my last appointment, I would need to pay the $ 25.00 for this appointment. Then lets say he gives me a prescription or two, or three. That is $7.00 a prescription if they are generic. If they are brand names, it is like you hit the RX lottery. Some Prescriptions are as low as $200.00. So lets do the math on this:

Old Appt $ 25.00
New Appt $25.00
RX 1 $ 7.00
RX 2 $ 7.00
RX 3 $ 7.00
Grand Total $ 71.00

Sitting in lack of sleep coma, with severe stomach pain - Now that is just priceless.

So here I sit at my desk, in pain that no amount of medication can touch at this point. I am smiling and faking it the best I can. On the inside I am crying a thousand tears. I can't go to the doctor because even just the co-pay of $25.00 would kill us right now. Here I just sit and weep.

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