Friday, August 31, 2012

House Logged

I think we are all getting a little stir crazy around here. The heat here has been insane the last few weeks. We live in a rural area out side of Phoenix, AZ, and in the summer we are looking at temps that are 115+, and lately we have been getting there. The worst part about the heat is the humidity that we have had lately. It is relentless.

Typically in the summer you stay in side, the only time you go out side is if you have to, and if you are lucky enough to have a pool. Because of this we are going crazy in the house! I am lucky enough to get out to go to work, but my poor child and husband are not as lucky. They have made a few trips to both Grandma's homes for some swimming, and out to a store here and there, but that is it. We are a one car household, and because we live in a rural area there is nothing around in a short walking distance (and short is all you can do before you die of heat stroke). I decided this week that we all need to get out of dodge!!

Due to constraints on our budget we are staying in town, but we have a full weekend planned, we are going to have Pickle's 2 year pictures done one day, Swimming at Grandmas another day, and The final part of the puzzle is a day at Chuckie Cheese (the thought of the germs alone are already killing me, but you do what you got to do and can afford). I think our little man is going to have a great weekend and I am so excited for it.

I hope everyone enjoys labor day weekend!
The best toy around!

A daily thing at our home, Cryons, and ABC Worksheets.

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