Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lets Talk about us...

You have heard about our recent ups and downs, What you haven't heard about is the story of who we are, and how we came to be. Hop on you time machine and go back 14 years to the story of us.

M and I met while we were both in high school. We met while at work at a local Micky D's. I was a manager at the time and M was crew member. He was a junior and I was a senior. I can honestly say that M was incredibly annoying. He was a pain in my butt. I don't how else to say it. I could not stand the man. He will to this day say the same thing about me. It took about a year for us to tolerate one another. One night while working late and closing the restaurant down, there was a few of us on the drive thru head sets just talking about nothing, this got M and I talking. That night he got my phone number. Don't get me wrong it took a while for us to get to the actual concept of a date, but one day I just kissed him. I knew it just had to be done. We have had our ups and downs, but no matter what we were best friends first, and we remain that way to this day.

Fast forward… We graduated high school, we started college and working life….. M was on his way to work one day, and was rear-ended on the freeway. He was hit by 4 different cars. This caused some major issues in his back. He has suffered numerous surgeries, procedures and a implant to try and help him live his life. He has severe issues with daily pain and use of legs. This accident changed both of our lives impermeability and forever, but we made it through, and that is all anyone can ask for. M will never be out of pain again, and will have monthly doctor's appointments, and yearly surgeries for the rest of his life, but he has a life and for that I am grateful.

Fast forward again… More surgeries, more doctors and a few years… We decided it was time to move forward with our lives and get married (so maybe it was not a decision more like the solution to some crazy argument). On April 1st of 2006 we were married. We had a small wedding, but a great time. This is also the time we finally moved out of our parents homes and move in together (we moved about 2 months before the big day). I have some of the best memories from those days. We didn't have a couch or table or chairs the first week or so, we had dinner on blankets spread on the floor while watching TV., we lived each day like any other, work, home, work, home, doctor, work, home, it was a nice routine and some carefree times.
After about a year of marriage we thought about starting a family. After a year of trying we had no luck, and I paid a visit to my doctor. We discovered my PCOS. We tried for a few months on clomid and still no luck, we decided it was time to go see a specialist (during all this time we were looking to purchase a home, found one, bought it and moved). After meeting with the specialist we decided to proceed with IUI's, and inject able medications. After 6 IUI attempts on our final attempt we got our little man. I don't think you would of ever say two people so excited. It took us over two years and all of our savings, but it was so worth it.

Our pregnancy was plagued from the start. I suffered from Over stimulated Ovaries (from all the fertility drugs), and was in a lot of pain for a few weeks. Once we got past that the bleeding started. Small amounts at first, and we were assured that our little pickle (yes that is what we called him in-utero) was okay. Then was day it was like dam broke, and we rushed back the hospital. At this time they discovered a complete placenta previa, and I was put on strict bed rest (only allowed up for the rest room & a Shower). The bleeding continued and a few more hospital trips, During this time they discovered the previa corrected itself and could not find the source of the bleeding. As the pregnancy progressed I ended up in pre-term labor and would be admitted again, and sent home again, the bleeding or contractions would start again and the process was the same. Around month seven they then discovered not only did my placenta move slightly again over my cervix, but I also have a vasa-previa, making this process even more complicated. It was finally decided to put me out of my Misery (Yes, I was a terrible patient. I suffer from a lot of anxiety and could not handle all of this, I was irrational, irresponsible and selfish. If I could go back and change my behavior I would). Pickle was born in perfect health at 36 weeks to the day. lbs. 7oz, and 19 inches long. It was a great day.

Fast forward…. Little man growing up… this is where this blog picks up. Our little man will be 2 in September, and is a great kid. He suffers from some pretty bad reflux, and his speech is a little slow for his age, but he is a great great kid. Always happy and smiling.

Since you were kind enough to read all of this, I will reward you with some pictures of or lives.. I hope you enjoy and comment!!!!!
So long ago, M's Senior Prom

April 1st 2006

You can't tell, but I am 2 weeks Prego at the time!! And not that is not my beer, it is M's!

Fresh out of the oven 2010

All Clean

Going home for the first time.

6 months old

with our first kid Daisy Mae

So cute

Too much jumping

First time swiming

little Crawler

baby's second Christmas

At phoenix childrens for testing on his tummy

Easter Sunday 2012

I love this one

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